The police force is still a sector of today’s society that has yet to be completely modernized by technology. Everything from making reports to handwritten speeding tickets, it seems that the police force may be lacking in technology in certain fields - up until recently that is. New technology has emerged that is looking to put an end to the dangers of high speed police chases. Starchase is a company that has designed a canon that is built into the front of a cruiser that fires a GPS tracker with a push of a button. The GPS sticks to the back of the suspect's car. The police fall back, wait until the suspects have to come to a stop, and then safely apprehend the suspect.


Sound like straight out of a James Bond film am I right? As crazy as it may sound, it actually works. Services in the United States have reported a 100% success rate.


What most people don’t know is that since the 1980's, almost 350 individuals die each year because of high speed pursuits. Amongst those deaths, more than 30 percent were innocent bystanders and about one-third of all pursuits ended in a wreck. Moreover, the risk is not worth the reward. A study showed that only  five percent of those who fled from police officers had been charged with an armed offence previously, and only 0.3 percent had actually been convicted.


There are even some services, especially in the U.S where, in most states, local police departments make their own protocol, have banned police pursuits. In Miami-Dade County, for example, they saw pursuits drop from 279 to 51 in one year.



Telling officers to stand down and let a suspect get away is a hard pill to swallow as it goes against their call to serve and protect in the moment. But now, thanks to Starchase's technology, it has found a way to ensure the safety of innocent bystanders and officers, as well as still allowing officers to apprehend the suspect at a higher success rate.

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