Competing for customer attention with signage and displays is a challenge particularly with the visual and auditory noise that surrounds us. 

Display screens are expensive and disrupt your visual displays and high quality static display print is also costly.  Thanks to the wizards of 3M, you now have an alternative. 

Vikuiti™ is a rear projection film product from 3M.  It can be used to turn any clear surface into a rear-projection screen that can be cut to ANY shape or size and it will capture any vibrant rear projection content you want to display.  One installation cut the Vikuiti™ film into the shape of a large guitar and projected a music performance onto the screen.  You can use any projection device and install the Vikuiti™ film anywhere as long as it is against a clear surface.

Vikuiti Film by 3M

Now, imagine you’ve installed technology to capture interactive input from the customer who is in front of the Vikuiti™ projection display.  There are a variety of interactive touch interface technologies that are available on the market today.  Some of them are able to detect the pressure that you touch the “screen” with as well as precisely where you touched the screen.  Some enable you to use your body to make gestures to interface with the display and you don’t even have to touch it.  The best news is that you no longer need expensive and delicate screens to be able to accommodate interactivity with the viewing customer. 

You can install Vikuiti™ on the inside of your shop window or you can custom-cut a rigid clear surface in any shape, add the Vikuiti™ film to one side of it, hang it and project onto it.  This can be done in any type of space as long as you can set up a projection unit and align it to fit the display surface.  Perhaps you could even attach it to a flexible clear surface that moves?  Should be interesting to see the effect as the air moves the surface. 
This is an exciting time for marketing and the possibilities are almost limitless once you start integrating them with exciting content. 

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