Rigorous Performance Evaluation Made Easy

Established in 1971, Alternatives Journal is national environmental magazine based in Waterloo, Ontario that explores and informs the public of science, issues and policies occurring.

Data Mill

Mad Hatter Technology was called upon to design and develop the user interface for a performance-evaluation research instrument. The purpose of the system was to study the generation of evidence for the certification of complex software systems.

Mad Hatter provided expertise in the creation of the user interface, system design, dashboard creation and web application programming.


Branding and identity consultations led to the name DataMill and the logo was created. The strategic advising on the architecture and user interface design of the system was key to the evolution of this platform.

Features & Services

  • Analytics advising
  • Branding & Identity
  • Dashboard development
  • Data analysis
  • platform development
  • Technology Strategy
  • Web & Application Hosting