Go Social, Local & Mobile

Social media strategy and engagement is key to the next decade of conversation. Proximity technology will change your campus with localized messages to mobile.
And simple and responsive web applications can connect social, local and mobile.



Accessibility standards need to be met and exceeded across all of your digital media.


Stakeholder Engagement

With a unique and complex community of stakeholders, strategic engagement is key to your success.



An understanding of your governance needs ensures interests are aligned across all stakeholders.

The Future of the Classroom

Take a peek into the looking glass and see how technology can be harnessed to explore, engage, and empower learning.

University of Guelph - Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

Mad Hatter Technology created a bright and engaging new user interface design to help digitally rebrand The Research Shop

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University of Waterloo - Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mad Hatter Technology was called upon to design and develop the user interface for a performance-evaluation research instrument.

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University of Ontario Institute of Technology - Office of the President

Mad Hatter technology digitized three books in a responsive web design to share stories of the students, strategic partnerships, community alliances and technology innovation.

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University of Guelph - College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Mad Hatter Technology was selected as the vendor of choice to guide and advise on responsive and accessible user interface designs for the University of Guelph.

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Dalhousie University - Department of Institutional Analysis & Research

Mad Hatter Technology provided consultations on database architecture, Sharepoint implementation and dashboard development. 

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Centre for International Governance Innovation

The Centre For International Governance needed technical consultations for the programming, development and design of its website architecture and infrastructure.

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Balsillie School of International Affairs - The Armageddon Letters

A 'real time' blog by virtual leaders creates an innovative digital experience and chronicles the Cuban Missile Crisis in a unique way.

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University of Waterloo - Alternatives Journal

After forty years of growth, the iconic publication Alternatives Journal needs to rebrand and create a new digital media presence.

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University of Toronto - Student Life Portal

Emerging technology concepts for the current, future and alumni webspace.

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Africa Portal

The Centre for International Governance Innovation needs high level technical expertise to translate an extensive library collection onto the Africa Portal website. 

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