Nicole Stuber


  • Post Graduate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations Centennial College
  • History/Communications York University

Dream Job

  • Owning a PR firm and collaborating with creative minds. In short: being "Gung Ho, Friend"

Languages spoken

  • English, German and 140 Characters

Fave quote:
If you are going to be good you train each and every day, If you are going to be great you love each and every moment of it.- unknown

Nicole has a passion for people and an enthusiasm for innovation. She began her career with a blend of experience in communications, public relations and event management. After postgraduate studies in corporate communications and public relations, Nicole was attracted to the way that public relations has evolved and how social media has become integrated into corporate strategies. This passion led her to an internship with the corporate communications team at MasterCard Canada.

Known as a serial volunteer, Nicole is also a sports enthusiast, world traveler, foodaholic, kindle addict and fest goer.

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