Nicole Reilly




  • Bachelor of Sociology, York University

  • Office Administration, Conestoga College

Dream Job

  • Running a kitchen in the shape of a circle where I could cook, serve, and share food with my family, friends, and followers. 

Languages spoke

  • Like, English and American Sign Language

Fave Quote:

I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel  -Maya Angelou


Sociology studies immersed Nicole in the study of human social relationships and institutions.   An understanding of how human action and consciousness shape our surrounding social and cultural structures has provided unique insights into the digital media space.  There has been a paradigm shift in technology and its impact on society, as the use of digital engagement and technology use has transformed this landscape.  Nicole has taken a keen interest in understanding digital engagement and social media, and in particular, the impact of this digital ecosystem for clients, customers, consumers, partners, and key stakeholders.

After graduating from Conestoga College with an Office Administration diploma, Nicole decided to further her postsecondary education in Sociology at York University.  Marketing work experience, followed in client services, supporting promotional initiatives and creative campaigns for Nissan, Infiniti and Expedia.

Nicole Reilly is as energetic as she is efficient, and has a passion for people. As a 'shindig specialist' Nicole enjoys good company, conversation and food.  During her downtime she likes to read and write or get creative in the kitchen.

Latest Posts

  • back to school tech 2018
    by Nicole Reilly • Aug 13, 2018

    As we approach the final few weeks of summer, we’re sure students and parents are beginning to shop for back to school items. Along with a beloved backpack, awesome agenda and some noise blocking headphones - check out the tech items listed below ...

  • questions and empathy
    by Nicole Reilly • Aug 01, 2017

    Most Monday mornings after our production meeting, the Mad Hatters do a team building activity. The purpose of the team building activity is to get to know each team members preferences and priorities when it comes to work flow ... 

  • google my business tips
    by Nicole Reilly • Jul 24, 2017

    When's the last time you looked up your business on Google? Is your profile complete? Up to date? Go ahead - give it a try,  then apply the tips below if you haven't already taken action. ...

  • advertising
    by Nicole Reilly • Jul 18, 2017

    Advertising is an important communication tool for companies, as it is a creative way to display information about a product, service or cause.

    Advertising is everywhere - sprinkled ...

  • sickkids versus campaign
    by Nicole Reilly • Jul 10, 2017

    The Hospital for Sick Children, widely known as SickKids, is dedicated to improving children's health. Founded in 1975, SickKids is located downtown Toronto and seeks to improve the lives of children through teaching, patient care and research. ...

  • snap chat map
    by Nicole Reilly • Jul 04, 2017

    What's your go to messaging application? Why? Do you prefer to communicate via text, voice notes or video messaging? 

    Snapchat has been one of the most popular messaging platform for the past while, as ...

  • iphone attachment
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 26, 2017

    After attending a festivals over the past few weekends I noticed some neat iPhone attachments throughout the crowds. Aside from a screen protector, a phone case (usually pink) and my ...

  • moby mart autonomous store
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 19, 2017

    Technology continues, to advance and allow us to live futuristic lifestyles. Everything is automated - cars, cities, homes, machines, phones and now, stores.

    Swedish startup 'Wheelys' ...

  • hashtags and geolocations
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 12, 2017

    Ever click on a hashtag and get taken to a collection of images using the same hashtag? What about clicking on a geolocation and seeing the collection of images taken at the same place? ...

  • montreal and molson's history
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 05, 2017

    Ever walked through Montreal and experienced the old town feeling? With all the historic buildings, cobblestone streets and pleasantness of the people, it would be hard not to. ...

  • world without crime crime stoppers
    by Nicole Reilly • May 29, 2017

    Crime Stoppers is an organization that operates separate from the police, and 911. They encourage community members to speak up, and feel comfortable when providing information regarding crime. Crime Stoppers doesn't gather names ...

  • 16 and under heart and stroke
    by Nicole Reilly • May 23, 2017

    Who would have thought? A campaign directed at youth and focused solely on sugar. Seeing as children are easily influenced and also play a part in what, their parents purchase, this campaign is as surprising as ...

  • kids help phone
    by Nicole Reilly • May 15, 2017

    Kids Help Phone is an anonymous non profit organization that provides support to youth who are dealing with questions, conflict and crisis - anytime, from anywhere.

    Branding is extremely important to ...

  • sephora make up company
    by Nicole Reilly • May 08, 2017

    According to strategy magazine online, Sephora is the retailer innovator of the year. Using the TIP strategy - Sephora encourages their clients to teachinspire and play when it comes to beauty. ...

  • Canada's 150th
    by Nicole Reilly • May 01, 2017

    What does it mean to be Canadian? Does it depend on where you were born? Must you be bilingual in English and French? How about a shared love for hockey along with a medium double double? The ability ...

  • fave music apps
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 24, 2017

    Majority of my day is spent with headphones streaming music into my ears - while I work, while I travel and also often times when I am at home. With summer ​quickly approaching, moods improve,days get longer and BBQ invites ...

  • earth day 2017
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 17, 2017

    Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970. Each year a theme is selected in celebration of the earth and as a reminder that what we do, affects the planet we live on both positively and negatively. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 11, 2017

    Who doesn't want to come first? Be better than the best? Everyone does in some way, shape or form including businesses. Revealing faults or claiming to be second best, has become a trend with brands recently. ... 

  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 03, 2017

    The snow has melted, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Along with smells and sights of spring, there's pollen in the air. We all know spring cleaning means your closet, home and car, but you should take time ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 20, 2017

    Ever cracked your phone screen? Dropped your phone in water? How many chips can you see from bumps and bangs? Any damage to your device is likely expensive, and frustrating. Ever wish your phone case did more than look cool? Want one ...

  • tap out of technology
    by Nicole Reilly • Mar 13, 2017

    I tend to look to sources such as Mashable, Forbes or even Snapchat discovery for a source of inspiration while crafting content Monday mornings. This morning, I came across an article titled 'Forever Alone', ... 

  • apps for spring 2017
    by Nicole Reilly • Feb 21, 2017

    With spring around the corner, and my Canada's Parks pass that just came in the mail, it is a great time to get inspired and plan what you will do once spring, has sprung. ...

  • valentine's gifts 2017
    by Nicole Reilly • Feb 13, 2017

    Be it you love it, hate it or don't care for it at all - Valentine's Day is tomorrow and will be celebrated with chocolates, kisses and flowers, everywhere. ...

  • FameBit youtube influencer marketplace
    by Nicole Reilly • Feb 06, 2017

    Recently acquired by Google, FameBit is an online marketplace that connects brands and influencers on a daily basis. ... 

  • iOS 10 update, iMessage
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 30, 2017

    The iOS 10 updated was released last fall and contained some pretty cool changes on iMessage. 

    From animated backgrounds and various stickers to emoji suggestions and disappearing messages, there are many new features to be discovered and enjoyed. 

  • tech trends 2017
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 16, 2017

    As we reach exactly two weeks and one day into the new year -  it’s a friendly reminder that all time does is fly. ...

  • social media trends 2017
    by Nicole Reilly • Dec 12, 2016

    The snow indicates it's definitely December, so as the year end quickly approaches it's a great time to learn about upcoming trends and prepare your company's digital engagement to be inline with trends ...

  • tech gift ideas 2016
    by Nicole Reilly • Dec 05, 2016

    The Christmas countdown is officially on and the extended mall hours, long lines and busy parking lots are here to prove it.

    In celebration and anticipation of the holidays, ...

  • mug of hot chocolate for christmas
    by Nicole Reilly • Nov 28, 2016

    As we look forward to welcoming the first of December this week, we unpack the holiday decor, stock up on hot chocolate and marshmallows and warm the car a little longer in the morning. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Nov 21, 2016

    Digital displays, engagements and interactions have been a priority for many big businesses recently, from engaging their own employees to appealing to their audiences. Salesforce's flagship location ...

  • mannequin challenge 2016
    by Nicole Reilly • Nov 14, 2016

    From celebrities to college students, collaborations across the globe are occurring, capturing video feed of the mannequin challenge that emerged less than a month ago. Believed to have first emerged at a high school in Jacksonville Florida ...

  • google home assistance devices
    by Nicole Reilly • Nov 07, 2016

    Recently, I have been enjoying the benefits of Siri. When I want to know if a store is open, the date a movie was released or confirm information my friends and I are discussing, I ask Siri for the answer. ...

  • macbook pro 2016
    by Nicole Reilly • Oct 31, 2016

    As I approach almost two years of being an avid Mac user, the release of the new MacBook pro has me excited and eager to head to the Apple store and familiarize myself with their newest device. Touch Bar hands down the neatest ... 

  • by Nicole Reilly • Oct 24, 2016

    We've been creating photo albums on Facebook showcasing chapters of our life. We've been crafting text to paint a picture of what we'd like to share, or what we are thinking in 140 characters. We started sharing snaps - brief video clips or still ...

  • drip of water
    by Nicole Reilly • Oct 17, 2016

    Water covers almost three quarters of the earth . It's present in large bodies of water, below the ground, in the air and clouds, as well as in precipitation. Our bodies are made up of it and all living specifies depend on it to survive. ...

  • suprised emoji expression
    by Nicole Reilly • Oct 11, 2016

    Ever hosted a conversation that only involved emojis? I have and it can be quite humorous.  Emojis are a way to communicate with others without text, a way to express ourselves (what we are doing, ...

  • snap chat update
    by Nicole Reilly • Oct 03, 2016

    When's the last time you heard someone say "Snapchat that" or "What is your Snapchat?". Most times Snapchat users request an account users 'Snap' name, or call the content shared 'snaps'. Though Snapchat has ...

  • stream music on spotify
    by Nicole Reilly • Sep 26, 2016

    Founded in Sweden in 2008, Spotify was created by a startup company named 'Spotify AB'.  With over 30 million songs from independent and major labels, Spotify gives members access to music ...

  • edward snowden movie
    by Nicole Reilly • Sep 19, 2016

    Snowden was released this past weekend and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than to take in the movie about the man who created all kinds of conversation across the globe when he leaked private NSA information in 2013. ...

  • geek week waterloo region
    by Nicole Reilly • Sep 16, 2016

    Yesterday evening, Kitchener City Hall was full of small business owners and local tech companies who joined together to create conversation surrounding the importance of digital engagement. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Sep 12, 2016

    Have you ever thought you saw something that is supposed to be still, move? Cinemagraphs are an emerging trend in digital art. Unique, custom, cool, intriguing and entertaining - the ...

  • tech trends fall 2016
    by Nicole Reilly • Sep 06, 2016

    Though summer isn't officially over until September 21st, it tends to feel like fall for many of us. Students are back to school, summer shorts are stored away and Halloween decorations are already on store shelves. Labour Day weekend was as long as it was lovely, but as we fall into fall, ...

  • body art that controls cellphone
    by Nicole Reilly • Aug 29, 2016

    Can you imagine controlling your smart device by swiping your skin? Treating it like a touch screen? Decorating your body like a device?! ...

  • experimential marketing
    by Nicole Reilly • Aug 22, 2016

    ​Experiential marketing creates opportunities for brands to engage with with current, and prospective clients. Being able to experience the brand offline and connect as opposed to messages being pushed ... 

  • Air Canada fly the flag campaign for the Olympics
    by Nicole Reilly • Aug 15, 2016

    Air Canada released this minute long video in recognition, celebration and support of #teamCanada at the #Rio2016 Olympics. The touching video was released during the opening ceremonies on August 5th, 2016. The video is not only circulating online, a shorter  ...

  • 2016 Rio Olympics and Snapchat
    by Nicole Reilly • Aug 08, 2016

    Earlier this year, Snapchat and NBC announced that they would be working together to bring the  2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics to Snapchat users across the globe ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Jul 25, 2016

    Do you Yahoo? Or should I say, did you, Yahoo? Remember these commercials from the nineties? I do, and it reminds me that all time does is fly. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Jul 18, 2016

    Self-driving cars, hover boards and air cabs are more than possible and some do actually exist. This week I choose to explore different types of futuristic transportation - some that already exists and others are being built into existence. 

  • snapchat memories
    by Nicole Reilly • Jul 11, 2016

    Last week Snapchat revealed a new feature called 'memories'. Though it's not my favourite new feature, and I have yet to use it or see my friends use memories - it's said to be beneficial to the application ...

  • camping and technology
    by Nicole Reilly • Jul 04, 2016

    Summer is officially here and so far it has been full of warm days which call for adventure. I enjoy spending some spend time outdoors, soaking in the sun and seeing all the different types of activities occurring. ...

  • coportate branding kitchener waterloo
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 27, 2016

    Identity is everything. Branding influences how others see your company and how they recognize and resonate with your brand. Branding can best be defined by the image or resonation that remains in ones mind when associating ...


  • app review guidelines
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 20, 2016

    The App Review guide has been separated into five sections - safety, performance, business, design and legal. Through scanning comic books, many people learn to read and piece together ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Jun 13, 2016

    Apple’s annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) begins today and ends on Friday in San Francisco, CA. The WWDC is used to bring Apple developers together from around the world. ...

  • small business center waterloo region
    by Nicole Reilly • Jun 06, 2016

    I had the pleasure to present for the Waterloo Region Small Business Center Summer Company students for the second year in a row. As well, this year I was joined by the newest Mad Hatter, Kalob Witzell ... 

  • by Nicole Reilly • May 30, 2016

    Prezi is a presentation software which is based on the cloud yet also has an app to download for one to work on, and view Prezi's when not online. ...

  • we the north raptors
    by Nicole Reilly • May 24, 2016

    Let's begin by giving Lowry uber kudos for scoring just less than half of the teams points during game four of the NBA Conference Finals. The Toronto Raptor's played ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • May 16, 2016

    What is Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay has arrived in Canada! Apple Inc. is now offering Apple Pay which is a contactless payment system that accepts ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • May 13, 2016

    Social and mobile technology has changed the world we live, play and work in. Communication and collaboration are constantly occurring. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • May 09, 2016

    A smart city is best described as an “urban development vision to integrate multiple information and communication technology”. Kitchener Council recently approved ...

  • content creation, curation and consistency
    by Nicole Reilly • May 02, 2016

    Content Creation, Curation and Consistency was the ninth part of our Social Media Madness Series. We explored the 4C's in depth including how to incorporate them into your brand's strategy. ... 

  • advertising awareness mad recap
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 25, 2016

    Advertising surrounds us daily - it’s spread throughout newspapers and magazines. We hear it on the radio and see it on the television. It's displayed on massive billboards - demanding our attention. It speaks to us in silence while we ride on, or beside transit ...

  • understanding youtube mad recap
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 20, 2016

    YouTube is video sharing website where users share a variety of user generated content which includes corporate and media video, users can share original content or anything they come across and find share worthy be it news, humorous. ...

  • vine videos mad recap
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 19, 2016

    Launched in 2013, Vine is a downloadable app that allows users to create six second videos that loop continuously and are simple to share on Twitter and Facebook, as well as embed into web pages. 

  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 18, 2016

    Snapchat Stories, Vine Videos and YouTube was the eighth part of our Social Media Madness Series. We explored each platform in depth - from an initial overview of the platform to the different ways brands have approached it to advertise.

  • social engagement
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 11, 2016

    Social media engagement is an important marketing strategy for all businesses as the traditional way to engage and market to a desired audience has changed over the years.  ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 06, 2016

    Read it on Reddit & Take in tumblr was the seventh segment of our Social Media Madness Series. This session was focused on exploring each outlet in depth and understanding how to navigate each of these informational platforms.

  • take in tumblr mad recap
    by Nicole Reilly • Apr 06, 2016

    Read it on Reddit & Take in tumblr was the seventh segment of our Social Media Madness Series. This session was focused on exploring each outlet in depth and understanding how to navigate each of these informational platforms.


  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 04, 2016

     LinkedIn is a professional network used to research and connect with people as well as companies. LinkedIn encourages and requires honesty and transparency, as profiles are viewed by known and potential associates. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 28, 2016

    We communicate, live, play and work in a Google world - from our search engine to our email inbox to how we navigate through unknown areas, Google is there.

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 22, 2016

    Instagram Influence was the sixth segment of our social media madness series. This session focused on harnessing hashtags and being creative and consistent on an image based platform.

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 16, 2016

    Facebook Fundamentals was our fifth segment in the Social Media Madness Series where we explored Facebook marketing tips and strategies ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 14, 2016

    Originally launched in 2004, Google Apps for Work is a suite of cloud computing (productivity and collaboration) software tools offered on a subscription basis.

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 09, 2016

    The ‘command key’ is the modifier key on an Apple desktop computer or laptop. One may control many functions and direct different features on their laptop by using this button. Using the ‘command key’ along with other buttons on your keyboard...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Mar 01, 2016

    Google+ is a Plus was our fourth segment in the Social Media Madness Series. We identified and explore what Google+ is and how to maximize it's benefits while incorporating it into our daily routine. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Feb 29, 2016

    AR is a live direct or live indirect view of a physical real-world environment, whose elements are augmented by a computer generated accessory (sound, video, graphic). AR involves the integration of digital information with live video of the environment in real time. ...

  • google chrome new tab option
    by Nicole Reilly • Feb 22, 2016

    Seeing as the ‘new tab’ option is something we view daily, Google Chrome offers tab extensions allow for more appealing and engaging web browser tabs that encourage ...

  • iphone and heart, iphone, heart, valentine's day
    by Nicole Reilly • Feb 16, 2016

    Valentine's Day is celebrated February 14th around the world and is considered a day to express love (for family, friends, pets and partners). ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Feb 12, 2016

    Twitter Talk was our third segment in the Social Media Madness series and attendees enjoyed highlights, tips, trends and amazing social media campaigns. 

  • project ara phone pieces
    by Nicole Reilly • Feb 01, 2016

    ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Products) is a division of Google that is in charge of Project Ara. Project Ara is a development effort, which will allow ...

  • bmw 7 series gesture control car
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 25, 2016

    After 15 years of design and production, the BMW is ready to release the 7 series with features in the car including: 

    - gesture control  ...

  • post it app the original reminder, tweet and like button
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 25, 2016

    Mad Hatter’s are uber fans of stickies (aka Post-It notes) - we use them to communicate within the office, self-prioritize daily work loads, note reminders or action items as they come up, as well as jot ... 

  • burberry snap chat live photo shoot
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 18, 2016

    The amount of marketing done on social media erupted over the past year. Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are some of the most popular and ...

  • selfie campaign WWF mad hatter tech fave campaigns 2015
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 11, 2016

    In order for awareness campaigns to be successful, they need to resonate with individuals therefore they must be thought out creatively. ...

  • girls playing various sports like a girl campaign by always
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 05, 2016

    Marketing campaigns have the ability to draw us in while at the same time creating or tapping into existing emotions of the audience engaged. While there are many different purposes ...

  • mad blogs
    by Nicole Reilly • Jan 01, 2016


  • by Nicole Reilly • Dec 14, 2015

    It's a Mad Hatter tradition to donate to the Marillac Place for the holidays. We are extending the invite to contribute along with us this year. Donations can be in the form of canned goods, ... 

  • by Nicole Reilly • Dec 07, 2015

    Due to the explosion and expansion of IoT (internet of things), wearable technology (aka wearables) has greatly inclined throughout 2015 and includes a variety of wearable items ...

  • youtube kids, youtube kids app, social media, social media marketing, youtube for children
    by Nicole Reilly • Nov 23, 2015

    Youtube has been popular among adults and teens for a long time, and they this year they had created and released a kid-friendly app consisting of a collection of family-friendly videos, channels ...

  • google moves to breithaupt block, breithaupt block entrance, breithaupt block building,
    by Nicole Reilly • Nov 16, 2015

    Google is expanding in Kitchener-Waterloo and the move of the company’s office location from the Tannery building into the Breithaupt Block is officially well under way. ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Nov 13, 2015

    Interactive digital displays can be as small as mobile tablets or as big as the largest screens. Individuals interact with technology across a variety of means ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Nov 09, 2015

    Launched in October 2010, Instagram has an incredible 400 million active monthly users.  If you compare this to LinkedIn, which now has 380 million users, but launched ... 

  • favourite applications
    by Nicole Reilly • Oct 09, 2015

    We thought it would be neat to create a blog of our teams fave mobile apps. Enjoy and try a few faves out. Keep yourself organized with the built in reminders that can be created ...

  • inspiring women event kitchener, mad hatter technology inspiring women, small businesscentre mad hatter technology
    by Nicole Reilly • Sep 25, 2015

    Melanie and I attended the ninth annual Inspiring Women Event at Bingemans Conference Centre located in Kitchener on September 24, 2015. The event was hosted in recognition of and support for ... 

  • by Nicole Reilly • Sep 02, 2015

    Located at 23 Avenue Des Champs Elysees, Abercrombie & Fitch is located in a mansion that draws tourists daily. ..

  • by Nicole Reilly • Jul 31, 2015

    1.  'What is privilege' was as powerful as it brought awareness to the reality of many and resonating with each of us regardless of race, class or colour.

  • by Nicole Reilly • Jul 31, 2015

    1. We like this campaign for its Christmas creativity. Fun and fresh the ‘Show your Joe ad was risky, and brought both positive and negative feedback, generating a buzz around Joe boxers.

  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 24, 2015

    StrategyYoutube for business is a video sharing tool used to create content, not ads.  Youtube is a social network where ...

  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 22, 2015

    Strategy: Twitter is a global platform used for sharing information, images and videos. You may follow people who share the same interests ... 


  • by Nicole Reilly • Apr 20, 2015

    Strategy: LinkedIn is a professional network that is used to research and connect with people and companies. LinkedIn encourages and requires honesty and transparency, as profiles are ...