Two weeks down!

Sep 14, 2014

The first two weeks of classes for the Integrated Marketing Communications class of 2014-2015 were a great start to a new school year.  Already the students are engaging with the content and participating in classroom discussions and activities.

In corporate communications we focused on developing a writing plan, including how to profile the target audience.  Students were encouraged, literally, to draw a picture of their target so they could clearly envision who would be reading their message.  A great strategy whether the message is an email, or part of the collateral from a larger IMC campaign.

In advertising class the students learned the importance of thoroughly researching and knowing the product or service before developing the creative strategy.

The class will attend the Social Summit sponsored by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and MadHatter Technology on Sept. 26 to hear a great line-up of speakers discuss social media in their respective businesses.   It is also a chance for the students to network with local business at The Tannery. The students are also signing up to attend Communitech’s Talent Collision on Sept. 29.

The class will be offered two workshops in Digital Marketing Tools and Analytics this semester.  The first semester courses they study include marketing, branding, strategic planning, consumer research, public relations, corporate communications and advertising. In November the students will take on a real client challenge and present an integrated marketing communications campaign to their client.