TVO Serves Up Mobile Apps, Online Streams, Live Event as Ping Pong Doc Debuts

Jan 22, 2013
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“Ferocious competition” “Edge-of-your-seat tension” “Life-or-death outcomes”

It’s not the way most table tennis games are described, and that’s why multiple media platforms are being used to present a unique and unusual look at the game of Ping Pong.

TVO will air the critically acclaimed documentary Ping Pong in its online debut and North American TV premiere, and it will supplement the look at octogenarians from around the world as they go for the gold with mobile apps, online features and a live table tennis event.

Ping Pong follows eight seniors competing in the over 80s World Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia. Directed by Hugh Hartford, the 80-minute documentary’s colourful cast of characters includes: seven-time world champion Les D’Arcy (89), who maintains a strict weight lifting routine; Lisa Modlich (85), a US champion who seeks a world title; and Inge Hermann (89), who used table tennis to train her way out of the dementia ward and is ready for her first international competition.

Beginning January 23, iPhone users can download the free TVO Doc Studio’s Ping Pong app at, challenge another player by syncing their devices, and play a virtual game of table tennis using their phones as paddles.

The TVO Doc Studio Ping Pong app was developed in collaboration with Mad Hatter Technology, a marketing technology company based in Kitchener, ON.  

Founded in 2001, the company now offers a wide range of digital media and online development services, along with marketing, advertising and augmented reality support for business and creative clients, from its new home in the Lang Tannery building, a major hub for digital media and technology companies.

As well, TVO is inviting fans to join on-air host Steve Paikin and Polkaroo at TVO’s Ping Pong Challenge on January 23 from 6-9 pm at SPiN Toronto, the city’s first ping pong social club (461 King Street West).

Ping Pong premieres on Wednesday, January 23, and on-air Wednesday, January 30 at 9 pm.