Social Summit 2014

Oct 03, 2014

It was an early morning for the DComm girls Friday Sept 26th, as we attended this year’s Social Summit at the Tannery Event Centre. The Summit was hosted by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and Mad Hatter Technology, and focused on strategies, tools, trends from some of our community’s most influential social media leaders.

With colourful pens in one hand, and of course, a coffee in the other, we were ready to be inspired and develop our online strategies to better serve our clients.

Below is the top advice we took away from each speaker:

Julia Rosien, Brand Engineer for Restonic and Chief Idea Officer for, kicked off the event, sharing her insight into social media crises. She emphasized that social media isengagement – a person behind a brand talking to another person. Or in other words, E=MC2 (engagement equals a mutual connection between two people.)

Andrea Bellemare, the online Host for CBC Radio One, shared a behind-the-scenes look of her role at CBC, including why they use social media, how online conversations are monitored, and how to tell if content is real. In the end, she proved that even CBC can have fun with social media!

Melanie Witzell, Agency Director for Mad Hatter Technology, spoke about her past experiences with social media. This being: know how to leverage the people around you; be prepared to be responsive and stay connected; talk on the right channels, to the right audience; and, stay true to you!

The magic happens outside your comfort zone

Casie Stewart, a spunky and energetic fashionita and online guru, blew us all away by sharing the experiences she’s taken part in because of her strong online presence. The quote that stuck with us the most was,

“The magic happens outside your comfort zone.”

Kelly Lovell, Youth Mobilizer, spoke about the importance of understanding youth and their power. Youth make up half of the workforce, and by 2020 are expected to make up as much as 75%. Their spending power is expected to be $2.45 trillion. Brands and employers need to align their own goals with that of today’s youth and create experiences for them to remember.

By the end of the day, we had the most colourful notes out of everyone there, and took away some truly valuable insight. What a great event! Thank you Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and Mad Hatter Technology.