10 time national boxing champion Mandy Bujold Fights Today

Aug 12, 2016
Kalob Witzell of Mad Hatter Technology snaps a selfie of some of the Mad Hatter team with Mandy Bujold. The Mad Hatters transformed their office into an Olympic Village to celebrate Mandy's send off to Rio.

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Female led tech firm created a way for Canada to support a female athlete in an unconventional sport in her journey for gold

Mandy Bujold launched her much anticipated responsive website www.mandymadness.com in early August to raise awareness about her journey to Rio and give people the opportunity to support female boxing without ever getting into a ring. Today she fights in her preliminary match.

The new design includes the ability post personal messages on the website and automatically share these #Msgs4Mandy via Twitter. Mandy has already received a significant amount of well wishes from coast to coast on the website since it went live on August 2.

“Messages of encouragement or support are a great way for me to find additional motivation or a fresh perspective, especially when I competing,” explains Mandy Bujold. “It can be challenging being in another country and away from your support system. There is now a central place to see all the kind words people have for me, and I look forward to reading the messages as they come in.”

A predominately female team at Mad Hatter Technology Inc. designed and powered the website. “We wanted to create a movement of support for her from across the nation,” explains Melanie Witzell, Agency Director at Mad Hatter Technology. “Mandy packs quite the punch into her 5 foot 3’ frame, and with her might, the sport of boxing, the flurry of the fight, and the following of a fan club, #MandyMadness was just perfect.”

Mandy Bujold first met Melanie Witzell at the State of the City 2016 address event earlier this year. After connecting over conversation, Melanie knew her agency could offer tech-savvy solutions to help Mandy amplify her message. "Rallying our team together to support Mandy was an easy decision for me,” says Melanie Witzell. “She is a female athlete in an unconventional sport for women, blazing an amazing trail for young girls around the world - in sport, leadership and life - and I wanted to be a part of making this change."

The creative and social media team brainstormed together with Mandy and launched her website and #MandyMadness social media presence. “It is very cool Mad Hatter understands sports, technology and social media, and is integrating these to support me,” says Mandy Bujold.

In addition to the real time messages online, the website is linked to the live feed of Mandy’s matches. “As an athlete, I find it exciting to know my friends and family back home will be able to watch me compete live and have a way to get in on the #MandyMadness,” says Mandy Bujold.

Mandy will be adding her own social media into the mix as well, including personalized behind-the-scenes videos released daily during her stay in Rio. The videos will offer candid insights into what it is like to compete as an elite athlete on the world stage.

Mandy’s first preliminary match takes place on Friday, August 12 at 10 a.m. EST. Her full competition schedule and live broadcasts feeds are available on www.mandymadness.com

The public can visit www.mandymadnesss.com to post #Msgs4Mandy. Show your support for Mandy Bujold on social media by tagging #MandyMadness.