TEDx Waterloo

Mar 09, 2011

We are very proud to be part of the vibrant community that is blossoming around the Tannery District in Kitchener. We volunteer many hours  towards cultivating a vibrant culture within the Waterloo Region community by showcasing technology created in the region and supporting local artists. 

For TEDxWaterloo 2011, we co-coordinated the integration of technology and services from the region to make the whole production a showcase of local talent and innovation both on stage and during the intermission:

  • The stage display used Christie Digital MicroTiles on loan from the University of Waterloo Canadian Centre for Arts and Technology and content created by Quarry
  • The Centre in the Square provided the theater and crew to set up equipment and operate the show
  • Conestoga College provided the crew and equipment needed to record and produce the live broadcast of the event and their journalism students produced a great summary of the event by interviewing all the speakers and the exhibitors
  • Execulink ensured that we had the proper network connectivity to run the Live Stream broadcast of the show with optimal bandwidth plus a separate network to provide WiFi support for the an audience of 1000 people during the event
  • e-Solutions ensured that we had quality post-production of the event recordings to submit to the TEDx Talks YouTube channel
  • The University of Waterloo Institute for Quantum Computing brought in 4 quantum computers for people to experience
  • University of Waterloo Stratford Institute of Digital Media created an exhibit with Colin Ellard's Virtual Reality Helmet
  • GestureTek (founded by University of Waterloo alumni) brought in exhibits of their Cube and their GestTrack3D controller
  • The RIM Playbook may a debut appearance during the intermission prior to its public launch
  • Media Lab Toronto created a unique Tower of Tweets installation on Christie MicroTiles
  • Redwoods Media helped us demonstrate how far our live internet broadcast was reaching during the event
  • PostRank set up a display to demonstrate the level of social media engagement generated by TED and TEDx events
  • Ben Grossman performed an electronic Hurdy Gurdy Sound-Scape during intermission while Laurie Wonfor Nolan did a painting of him performing and Mad Hatter Technology is now the proud owner of this stunning art piece in support of our local artists.

Photo Credit: http://www.cambridgenow.ca/npps/print.cfm?nppage=2123