International Startup Festival

Jul 10, 2013

The International Startup Festival is a 3-day event on the business of startups held in the historic Old Port of Montreal. Happening July 10-13, 2013, it brings together aspiring founders, groundbreaking innovators and veteran entrepreneurs from around the world to share thoughts, do business and have a lot of fun.

Why you should come to Startupfest 2013:

  • Learn something new – We’ve got some awesome speakers and workshops lined up to teach you all you’ve ever wanted to know about entrepreneurship. Startupfest zooms in on every stage of the startup lifecycle from “back of the napkin” ideas to champagne-popping exits.
  • Get inspired – Inspiration is around every corner at Startupfest. Discover new technology and sit in on stimulating keynotes and panels, or just attend the Tent Expo and have a chat with your industry idols!
  • Meet somebody – Startupfest is full of networking opportunities to help you make lasting connections and get you to that deal-closing handshake. Take a walk through the Tent Expo to meet an innovator, a mentor, an investor, and maybe even your next co-founder!
  • Have fun – Forget those old boring business conferences, Startupfest celebrates entrepreneurship in a fun and festive atmosphere. Grab a drink and enjoy Canada’s culture capital!

This Year’s Theme: Startups Stories

This year, we’re focusing on the stories behind startups. From the founding legend to the cautionary anecdote, from the epic battle to the overnight success, every founder has a tale to tell. We’re putting together a lineup of the greatest startup stories—past, present, and future—by those who created them. So gather around the Startupfest Campfire as we share startup stories of the past, present and future!

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