Monitoring & Metrics
Measure Your Results

With social media tactics and execution deployed, simple reporting plans are needed to manage and monitor digital engagement effectively.   Monthly, quarterly and annual metrics reporting keeps S.W.O.T teams focused, and executive teams supportive of a strategy aligned with strategic objectives.  Short term goals, and the long term vision, can be supported by key metrics, key performance indicators, and channel monitoring.  The gamification of your social strategy can inspire unique themes,  ideas, and team contributions.  Monitoring with the right analytics platforms can bring your strategy full circle, with the metrics you need to close the loop on your marketing, communications and digital engagement initiatives.   

  • Social Media Account Management Services
  • Community Management 
  • Social Media Governance and Best Practices 
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Find out how your audience interacts with your social content
  • Learn about your strongest brand ambassadors
  • Identity people connected with your social networks
  • Discover optimal times of publishing monthly, quarterly and annual reporting for key stakeholders