Fathers Day Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Dad

June 13, 2018 -
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Looking for some new ideas for Father's day?


If your dad has reached his neck-tie limit, check out this tech savvy list of out-of-the-box gift ideas he’s sure to love, organized for your kind of dad.


Busy Dad

First on the list we have Tile Mate. Its a portable tracker you can attach to literally anything, this gift is perfect for the Dad who’s a little flighty. He’ll never lose his keys again! This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


Find it on Amazon: Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder




Active Dad

For the active Dad, we’ve found a couple options. First up is the Ellipse Keyless U-Lock, a bike lock which pairs with your phone. It automatically locks and unlocks when you come in and out of range. Not to mention it alerts you if someone is tampering with your bike.


Find it here: Ellipse Keyless U-Lock




Fitness Dad

Our second pick for the active Dad is an obvious choice for active people in general, the Fitbit. We recommend the Fitbit Charge 2, which has a thicker band and larger face for a more masculine, while still very stylish look.


Find it here: Fitbit Charge 2



Adventure Dad

If your dad loves blazing new trails and is ready to take on any adventure, then the GoPro is the gift for him. This high quality camera is perfect for hiking, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, or anything else your dad is in to. Gopro has created various accessories that make using the camera convenient for basically any occasion.


You can find the perfect camera on their website: GoPro



Gadget Dad

If your dad is a certified gadget guy he’ll love these next ones. For the dad that is obsessed with the weather but hates the inaccuracy of daily forecasts, the AcuRite Weather Station is a personal weather network which measures the forecast, temperature, and humidity with an external sensor and an indoor display screen. This will keep his weather report accurate to the very minute.


Find it here: AcuRite Weather Station



Star Wars Dad

Finally, for the ultimate star wars fan we have the perfect car accessory.  Give your dad a permanent travel buddy this fathers day with the R2-D2 car charger. It’s compatible with any usb charging cord and sits comfortably in the cupholder.


Get it here: R2-D2 Car Charger


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